Mirela Alexe

Build Your Own Way! Pigeons Will Come…

by Mirela Alexe

Have you ever dreamt about being lucky? Veritably lucky. Like all those people speaking languages and just knowing how to do everything. Bloody bastards.

And you, thinking about it so hard, every day, and no language forms in your head. And then, you know why: you haven’t met the right pigeon. They seem to avoid you and go to the others, all the time, bringing them your luck. That’s just not fair.

Yeah! You should research ways of attracting pigeons. I think you can spend hours doing it, until you become the most knowledgeable.

There are books I think and people you can meet. Not like you. The lucky ones. Those who seem to breed the pigeons. Yes, they are the ones you should ask: how have you got so lucky? You need to look up to them and understand that once you’re set on the way to luck, pigeons will come. And then, bam, you’ll just be lucky, you read a lot, learned a lot, asked around, tried some models, stuck to them, and then, miraculously, pigeons are flying all over your head.

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