Mirela Alexe

The Castle of Aberland: World One

by Mirela Alexe

Day One

It all began as a practical joke of two minds, equally occupied with boring tasks. It was not a mere joke, it had a layer foundation of ideals, erupting from the same minds concerned with the well being of others.

First, they decided that it would have been nice to have a sort of palace and make a school out of it, where everybody, no matter how poor, may come and learn whatever they wanted.Then, the idea of getting the palace for free was quite appealing but they also thought about building one on a green domain, outside the capital, near a lake. It should have towers for princesses. And he said we should call it Aberland, the vast, unexpected and pleasant domain where we can go everyday, if we want.

Oh, but wait, a castle would be nicer than a palace, like in Super Mario. Yeah, a castle will be. And she will paint it. She is really talented, she exercised her talent drawing books of flowers and animals. And they decided they will have stories of mythical heroes and battles and parties with fountains of chocolate and strawberries. And the princesses, they will bathe themselves in the fountains of chocolate…

They felt the need to populate the land with some excel cells, making love to each other and looking out the windows of a porous metal, with a foam’s aspect, allowing for it to float.

There was need for food, too, so little houses were provided for dwarfs, happy to eat and to drink… But, what to drink? And then some beer lake appeared, allowing also for the excel cells to avert their thirst.

And they needed animals, like unicorns dressed in chocolate, and flying meerkats with large ears, to support their flight. The tail was for balance.

And thus, the Aberland came to life.

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